What is Agent’s


The main responsibility of Best DJ Agency is to handle engagements for the Artists or groups We represent. Best DJ Agency work to book engagements. Best DJ Agency makes a deal, Our Agent will send out contracts to be signed by the Promoter, Club Manager, Talent Buyer or whoever booked Our talent to perform. These contracts include all necessary information including the name of the group, dates and times of the concert, number of required performances, how much money will be paid for each performance, payment terms, and any other necessary terms.

As a rule, Best DJ Agency require a percentage of their money up front when the contract is signed. While the amount may vary it is usually about 50 percent. When our agents send contracts they may also have a rider attached that stipulates any extras the Artist may receive. These extras may include expense money, hotel rooms, food, limousines, or instrumental augmentation.
Best DJ Agents work with the Artist’s during concert tours, deciding when and where concerts will be most effective.

Our Agents may represent a client exclusively or non-exclusively. It may also be that an Agent may represent a client exclusively in one area (e.g. personal appearances) and non-exclusively in another area (e.g. concerts). Best DJ Agency can represent as many acts as they can handle, and will often book Artists who compete with one another in the marketplace. Our Agents strive to build up a roster of clients, aiming to provide Best Artist’s for Best Venues.


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What is a Agent?

Finding work in the creative field can be extraordinarily difficult. In fact, only a small percentage of artists actually find any steady work in their field. Even less become well known artists. In many cases, finding jobs in the entertainment involves both talent and luck.

Having a good talent agent, however, can mean the difference between finding work in a creative field and being left out in the cold. Talent agents discover artists with talent, help them find paying work, and help them negotiate their contracts. All different types of creative artists might benefit from working with a talent agent, including actors, singers, instrumentalists, DJs, Producers and more.

Talent agents are the professionals that most employers go to when they are looking to fill specific creative types. In fact, some employers, like major movie studios, won’t hire a creative type unless he is represented by a talent agent or agency.

What Does a Agent Do?

Working as a talent agent often requires long hours and many responsibilities. Many talent agents choose to represent only one type of artists, such as actors or Producers.

In general, a talent agent acts as a middleman between talented creative types and those that are looking to hire them. While many other businesses look for ways to “cut out the middleman”, they really are necessary in many creative fields, particularly because talent agents have a large circle of network contacts.

Our talent agents start building their network before they even start their careers, and they keep adding contacts throughout their careers. They keep a list of these contacts handy for whenever their clients are searching for work.

Talent agents might “discover” talent in a variety of places. Many creative types seek out talent agents on their own and may be required to audition, or otherwise prove their talents. For instance, authors might send a completed manuscript to an agent, while musicians may send a demo CD. Talent agents can then screen these individuals based on their talents, working with the most promising ones. A talent agent might also go in search of new talent as well. For example, he might go to theater productions in search of actors, or he might attend small concerts in search of talented musicians.

A talent agent will then go through the process of trying to find each of his clients jobs. In order to do this, he may send audition tapes or other examples of his clients’ work to production studios, record labels, publishing houses, or galleries. He will also apply to jobs on behalf of his clients.

After his clients are hired, a talent agent’s job doesn’t end there. He must then help each of his clients work out the terms of their contracts. A contract may include basic information such as how long the job is and the pay rate, along with other information like what is expected of the artist as well as the hiring entity. A talent agent will also help work out any disputes between the creative talent and the employers, should they arise.

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  1. Hi we are two brothers that look very much alike, we are known around the Sydney base From Australia. We identify ourselves as Twinproductionz you can search us through via facebook/instagram. We are looking for an opportunity with you guys. kind regards.


  2. Hi Gavin and James,
    Grateful to hear from you guy’s in Australia, the very best way we can work together is firstly tell us about insights of what are you guys up to, your targets, where do you see your selfs in five years, where do you see us ? how can we help, in overall introduce your selfs the best way of possible by emailing straight to bdaengland@gmail.com

    Kind Regards

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